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What Does Sustainability Mean?
ConstructionSkills is a Sector Skills Council licensed by government to assist the Construction sector to build a more sustainable future.

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What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability is very much a ‘buzz’ word used in today’s vocabulary. It is about environmental, economic and social responsibilities and will, therefore, mean different things to different people.

In construction sustainability focuses on What is built, Where it is built, Why it is built and How it is built.

What is built – The design and function of the structure, throughout its life

  • Role of the designer
  • Considering the whole life and structure of a building
  • Minimising environmental damage, and maximising the business benefits

How it is built – What materials and methods are used

  • Choice of materials – from sustainable or recycled sources
  • How construction takes place on site, less waste – off-site manufacture
  • Aggregate, metal and timber neutral developments – e.g. reusing materials, rather than using landfill

Where/Why it is built – The role of the client – impact and added value

  • Do we need to build it, how will it impact on the local infrastructure – water supply, flood risk, proximity to local employment, transport links
  • Is the workforce representative of the community?
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