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ConstructionSkills is a Sector Skills Council licensed by government to assist the Construction sector to build a more sustainable future.

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Useful Links
  • CIC Sustainable Development

CIC recognises that the protection of the environment and the pursuit of sustainable development are amongst the greatest challenges facing humanity. CIC have an individual and collective responsibility to advise clients on strategies that are consistent with their immediate needs, and with the longer term benefits of a sustainable approach.

  • Department of Trade and Industry

DTI works with others to encourage innovative, enterprising and internationally competitive business solutions to environmental problems and the wider challenges of sustainable development.

Sustainable Construction Courses

A range of courses are available from November 2006 for those from craft through to professional roles. The courses will provide attendees with a comprehensive introduction to sustainable construction and/or aspects of sustainable construction.

Waste Management on Site (1 day)

Site Supervisor Introduction to Sustainable Construction (3 Day)

Foundation Course in Sustainable Construction (1 day)

Energy Management on Site (1 day)

Sustainable Procurement in Construction (1 day)

Social Issues in Construction (2 day)

Environmental Management Systems at Site Level (1 day)

Water Management on Site (1 day)

Sustainability for Management in Construction

For further information and course booked please call 0870 4166 222 or

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